Angelica 19 Sweden

the good parts are so good, you're willing to suffer an unbelievable amount of pain just to get to them

He might have faked it once or twice but, he wants to be with me. I know what he felt with me.

He can’t fake that.

we laugh and it pits the world against us

Emmy told us a while back that you’d purposely eat tuna fish before your love scenes. Are you still doing things like that? I was trying to piss her off, and it was really childish of me. But there were a couple of weeks where we were really bickering back and forth at each other. And it was my way of getting back at her. […] I think when people talk about chemistry.. me and Emmy have had fantastic chemistry on this show, chemistry that even surprised me. But a lot of people think that in order to get the chemistry, you’ve got to be really loving and get along and be sweet. But what they don’t know is that sometimes - all the time - love and hate look identical.

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we are in this together, i ain’t leaving

Life’s like a puzzle, some pieces just fit together

best of…  kevin ball, shameless us (part one)


Shameless Challenge -> Favorite Scene 

I just want everybody here to know I’m fucking gay!

I saw it in that movie

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